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    Mage Class


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    Mage Class

    Post by Miharukun on Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:28 pm

    Mage (1st Class)
    Mages use magic to regenerate their mana or protect themself.
    They can cast powerful and concentrated spells, dealing damage to a single target or multiple enemies in an area.

    Next Advancement

    Wizard (2nd Class)
    Wizards harness the elements and can cast powerful magic attacks. However, their spells have a long cooldown time, so it is recommended to cooperate with other players.

    DarkMage (2nd Class)
    DarkMages are the mages that absorb the life force of the enemies or put curses on the enemies to make combat easier for your allies.

    Druid (2nd Class)
    Druids are mages who use the power of nature. They also use magics that can control their genetic to make them and their allies stronger and they also have abilities to transform into monsters.

    It's true.

    I'm an evil, twisted, sadistic genius with delusions of grandeur, bent on the total humiliation of all those around me. I kill without reason or warning. I set impossible goals, and then i raise impenetrable barries to the advancement of any who date to challenge my supreme authority. I change the rules to suit my every whim. The only thing I can be relied upon to do is ensure that no one has a fair chance. I am no mere tin-plated dictator; even the laws of Physics cannot deter me. My godlike powers are without limit, and I use them freely and capriciously. Your abject surrender and worshipful adulation will not save you from my wrath... forever. It is futile to appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I will not keep your secrets, I will not try to soften the blows of misfortune, and I will never fail to heap insult upon injury. Your doom has been sealed:

    I am your Game Master.

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